University of Pretoria UP Nursing Requirements

To keep abreast of the latest technology and trends in any profession, post-basic education is encouraged by all tertiary institutions, and more so by the University of Pretoria. The Department of Nursing Science at the Faculty of Health Sciences offers the Baccalaureus Curationis (Instructionis et Administrare) (B Cur I et A) degree, aimed at enabling nursing professionals to be a cut above the rest.

The B Cur I et A course branches into Clinical and Non-Clinical courses.

Clinical Courses

The clinical fields of specialisation programmes are presented over a period of at least two years.

 The fields of specialization are:

  • Medical and Surgical Nursing Science: Critical Care: General
  • Medical and Surgical Nursing Science: Emergency Nursing
  • Operating Theatre Nursing

 Please note that these courses are not necessarily offered every year as the number of applicants per speciality determines the cost-effectiveness of the programmes.

Subjects presented

  1. First year: Clinical Nursing Science I (KVG 110 & KVG 120), Systems of Nursing Practice I (VPT 160) and Nursing Dynamics (VDN 110 & VDN 120). The first year is a generic year for all clinical specialities.
  2. Second year: Clinical Nursing Science II (KVG 250 & KVG 260), Systems of Nursing Practice II (VPT 260) and Nursing Science Practice (VGK 201). The second year is the year of specialisation.

 Entry requirements

  1. Matriculation/Grade 12 certificate
  2. Proof of registration at the SANC as General Nurse
  3. For Child Nursing and Neonatal Nursing, registration as Midwife/Accoucheur is also required
  4. At least one year experience in the workplace relevant to the area of specialisation is compulsory.
  5. A post in the field of speciality at an accredited clinical facility with formal approval of studies by the particular clinical facility.

These programmes are only presented in Pretoria and require weekly attendance. Examinations take place during June and November each year

For more information regarding the B Cur I et A (Clinical programme), contact:

Dr CM Maree
Department of Nursing Science
School of Health Care Sciences

Faculty of Health
University of Pretoria
Private Bag X20
South Africa
Tel: +27 12 356 3764 / 3168
Fax: +27 12 356 3466
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Non-clinical courses

The fields of specialization in the Non-Clinical course are:

  • Community Nursing,
  • Nursing Education
  • Nursing Management

These courses are presented as first-year subjects of the BCur IetA. Programmes are presented as contact classes supported by paper-based workbooks. The lectures commence in the first week of February and are presented seven times per subject per semester.

The following subject combinations are required:

  1. Community Nursing Science: Community Nursing Science ( GVP 110 & GVP 120) and Nursing Dynamics (VDN 110 & VDN 120)
  2. Nursing Education: Nursing Education Theory (VOW 110 & VOW 120), Didactics of Nursing Education (DNE 110, DNE 120 and DNE 160), and Nursing Dynamics (VDN 110 & 120)
  3. Nursing Management: Nursing Management, Business and Organisational Psychology (BDO and Nursing Dynamics (VDN 110 & VDN 120)


Community Nursing

320 hours of clinical learning practica is required; part of which will take place during a block at Prinshof Campus (University of Pretioria).

Other courses

The other courses have practica and are done informally as well as formally. The details of the practice will be communicated during contact sessions.

Duration of the programme

3 Years

It is possible to complete all the subjects required for the registration of one qualification with the SA Nursing Council (SANC) in one year.

Entry requirements

  1. Matriculation/Grade 12 certificate
  2. Proof of registration with the SANC as General Nurse
  3. Midwife/Accoucheur is compulsory for Community Nursing Science
  4. At least two years’ applicable experience as registered nurse for the courses in Nursing Education and Nursing Management (This is not applicable if you want to register for Community Nursing only.)

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