University of Pretoria UP Postgraduate Applications

Deadlines for MSc and PhD applications: dependent on study supervisor

Deadlines for Honours applications: 30 September

Deadlines for all international applications: 31 August

Ensure to follow the steps below when applying for masters or doctoral studies in the Department of Geology.  This will ensure that the department is aware of your application and is able to supervise you before submitting registration forms.  

A tick list can be requested via email (for easy completion) or can be viewed as a pdf.  This completed document can be submitted to a potential project promoter or supervisor to ensure a complete and thorough application.

Note that no candidate will be considered without a detailed project proposal, proof of funding and a potential supervisor.

  1. Approve your latest degree on the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) homepage and apply for accreditation by clicking here.
  2. Take the Test of English as a Foreign Language TM (TOEFL®) by registering online if you cannot prove that you studied in English. A score of 550 (or 213 for the computerised test) is required. More information on this and other matters for international students are available here.
  3. Ensure that you have adequate funding for tuition, living expenses and project costs that may pertain to your field of research. Tuition fees are noted here and information about postgraduate funding, loans and bursaries is available here.
  4. Apply for VISAs, permits and insurance diligently by clicking here as the University of Pretoria will not make these arrangements on your behalf.
  5. Decide which degree to pursue by clicking here.
  6. Choose a provisional topic as the Department of Geology cannot randomly supply projects and it remains your prerogative to choose your topic. To ensure that your proposed project falls within the expertise of the Department, have a look at our research thrusts.
  7. Find a promoter within the Department of Geology who is able, willing and available to supervise you. Then submit your query (including acknowledgement that all preceding steps have been followed, a provisional topic and a preferred promoter) by clicking here to generate a query that will be discussed in the Department of Geology.
  8. Register after receipt of an email from a potential supervisor (whether or not the person chosen above). Registration forms from can be obtained from the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences or you can register online. For online registration, you need to have a credit card. Applications close 30 June for selection courses and 31 August for all other courses for all non-RSA residents.
  9. Submit supporting documentation (e.g. identity documents, degree certificates and academic records)as requested in an email you will receive from the Faculty.
  10. Departmental recommendation follows at this stage, after which – on approval – the student will be informed by the Faculty.
  11. Arrange a project meeting on acceptance with the Department.
  12. Do you have a valid driver’s license and your own transport?  This is required for anyone studying Engineering and Environmental Geology (honours, master’s and doctorate levels).


  1. Note that preference is given to students presently studying at UP.
  2. Funding for research projects has to be arranged by the student unless a funded project is available from the prospective supervisor.
  3. All students should have valid driver’s licenses and their own transport.
  4. No students will be accepted without a fully funded project.

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