Netcare Fees Structure

Fee Structure for Self-Funding Students

Thank you for your interest in studying with our institution.

Payment Methods:

Payment should be by direct deposit only. Please note that we are unable to accept cash payments on campus.

Payment Options:

  • Option 1 (Self-funding, Private & Study Leaver students only): Paid in Full –fees paid in full byprogramme commencement date.
  • Option 2: Deposit & monthly installments –deposit paid by registration date with the balance payable inequal, consecutive, monthly installments over a 6-month period for all 1 year programmes, OR in equal, consecutive, monthly installments over a 2-month period for all 6-month programmes. First monthly payment due in the month of commencement of programme.

Banking Details:

Bank: Nedbank
Branch Name: Campus Square
Branch Code: 158 105
Account Number: 158 106 5698
Payment Reference: Your ID Number / Student Number (linked to campus) –
(To Quote On Your Deposit Slip) failure to use correct Reference will delay update of your
  statement and account.
Fees Notes:  
  1. Tuition fees include VAT.
  • Tuition fees include the cost of study material (student workbooks), where appropriate for South African Nursing Council (SANC) accredited programmes, SANC registration as a student and initial SANC examination fees.
  • Tuition fees exclude the purchase of textbooks per programme, uniforms, resource center and other sundry costs which may arise during the progression of training.
  • The resource center fee is compulsory for all Netcare Education Students. It has been included in the tuition fee for payment on registration. See table *Tuition Fees for January to December 2024 on page 2.
  • Resource centre fee for a one year programme = R 470 once off ( includes 100 copies)
    • Resource centre fee for a 6 month programme = R 350 once off ( includes 100 copies)
  • Resource centre fee for a 3 month programme = R240 once off ( includes 100 copies)
  • Students who lose their student identification or resource center card will need to pay R200 for a new card.
  • a) Students based in South Africa who request a full transcript of training will be charged R850 per transcript per qualification.
  • International Students who request a full transcript of training will be charged R2000 plus postage/courier costs.
  • Students taking supplementary examinations will be charged R420 per practical and/or theoretical examination for all programmes.
  • Students who request a report on a summative assessment will be charged R420 per script (applicable to Netcare Education internal assessments only.)
  • Students whose training is extended are subject to monthly extension fees which are shown

Extension of Training Fees:

Students who have their training extended for academic reasons will be subject to the following additional fees:


All one, two and three year programmes: New Nursing, Legacy Nursing and Ancillary Healthcare Programmes

All 6 month programmes

Extension of Training: Monthly Fee

R 2 900 x 3 months = R8700

R 2 900 x 3 months= R8700


  • While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, no responsibility can be accepted for errors or omissions however caused.
  • Netcare accepts no responsibility for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action because of material in this sheet.


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