Nursing Application Documents Needed

Nursing Applications are currently ongoing. Please follow the procedures needed and take note of the following important documents.

Documents to submit with your application (Requirement):

  • A certified copy (less than three (3) months old) of page one of your
  • Identity Document / Card
  • A certified copy (less than three (3) months old) of your National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification.
  • If you attended any higher education institution, an original Academic Record and a Certificate of Conduct must accompany application form.
  • Submit certified copies (less than three (3) months old) of certificates / diplomas / degrees obtained previously.
  • In case your name or spelling of name / surname on the National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification differs from the name on the national identity document and on the application form, evidence needs to be included to verify the difference. The same applies when the ID number differs.
  • Proof of residence or affidavit
  • Original proof of evidence of paid R150.00, application fee

Department of Health Nursing Application

Nursing Programme Requirements 2024

Nursing Application Documents Needed

Important Nursing Application Information to Note

Documents (Optional)

  • 2 page Curriculum Vitae with the following information:
  • Full Names and contact details, Identity Number, Residential Address and Postal Address,