Important Nursing Application Information to Note

Nursing Applications are currently ongoing. Take note of the important documents and informations needed in order to apply and gain admission successfully.


  • All certificates and addresses will be verified for authenticity.
  • Due to the large number of applications expected; only selected prospective candidates will be invited for an interview, and only the successful applications will be notified
  • No registered mail will be accepted
  • All candidates who apply must be in possession of a Senior Certificate by 30 August 2019 endorsed by the South African Department of Education (2020 Academic Year)
  • WCCN reserves the right to verify and take legal action if documents are not authentic. Application will not be accepted
  • No Grade 12 candidates (2019) will be consider for selection due to the phasing out of legacy qualifications (Statutory requirement)
  • No International / foreign and RPL applications will be considered. (2020 Academic Year)

District name /  Local municipality, employment history, Details of previous nursing experience
if any


Post Basic courses in the following speciality areas:

  • Research
  • Specialised clinical fields e.g. ICU, oncology, Clinical Nurse Practitioner, Orthopaedics,Trauma, Occupational Health, Neonatology, Paediatrics, Theatre Technique, Advance Midwifery
  • Health Services Management
  • Nursing Education

Department of Health Nursing Application

Nursing Programme Requirements 2020

Nursing Application Documents Needed

Important Nursing Application Information to Note


Public  /  Private health care facilities:

  • Hospitals—General and Specialised
  • Community Health Care Centres
  • Clinics
  • Private Health Care Facilities
  • Non—Government Organisations
  • Step-down Health Care Facilities
  • Geriatric Care Centres
  • Private Practice