Lilitha College of Nursing

Lilitha College of Nursing is a single nursing college constituted by five (5) main campuses and nineteen (19) sub campuses located across the province.

It is one of the successfully rationalized and largest nursing colleges on the African continent. We aspire to empower nursing students from all Eastern Cape communities, including the deep rural areas, to succeed in their world by offering a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful nursing curricula opportunities.

Lilitha College of Nursing takes pride in assisting nursing students across all nursing academic programmes to grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizens of the next generation in the health system.

Lilitha College of Nursing was established by the Education and Training of Nurses and Midwives Act 4 of 2003. The intent of the Act was to:

  • Repeal the different pieces of apartheid legislation that established the different Nursing Colleges in the Eastern Cape Province;
  • Establish one single College with five (5) main campuses and nineteen (19) Sub-campuses distributed throughout the Eastern Cape Province and strategically positioned to meet nurse training demands of the EC health system;

Programmes offered are based on the demands and priorities of the health system and demographics of the EC Province. The college offers both basic and post basic nursing programmes including specialist programmes. It has consistently produced large volumes of nurses to be permanently allocated to the clinical services for the province.

The college embraces academic excellence in learning where generations of disciplinary knowledge are entrusted into nursing practice, research regarding human experiences of health, illness and healing, utilising Community-Based and Evidence-Based practice focusing on holistic relationship centred around a caring approach which facilitates the well being of individuals.


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