Stellenbosch University SU Nursing Application 2020

Stellenbosch University SU Nursing Application 2020, the Nursing Division offers a number of programmes and modules through interactive telematic education (ITE).

ITE does not just put Stellenbosch University within reach of students throughout South Africa; it also lets individuals set their own pace. In short, ITE students are on an equal footing with their counterparts on campus.

Some of our programmes are taught in full via the University’s telematic technology platform. Others blend sessions presented via the telematic platform with traditional contact teaching and learning sessions. Some areas of specialisation in nursing require practical work in hospitals. All our programmes are taught in English.

Our mission at the Nursing Division is to be an inspiring leader in our field of expertise and a provider of excellent Afro-centric training for health professionals.

Our core values for the field of nursing are commitment, integrity, excellence, accountability and care.

Our postgraduate programme offering in Nursing

Our postgraduate programme offering presents candidates with a choice of academic pathways.

Candidates who have done a Diploma in Nursing (4 years – basic) at a nursing college may gain access to university for studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (1 year), follow up with a structured Master of Nursing (2 years) and then study for a PhD.

Candidates who have done a Bachelor of Nursing degree (3 years – basic) at university may take the Bachelor of Nursing Honours degree (1 year), with its strong research component, and carry on into the one-year Master of Nursing and a PhD.

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