Occupational Care of South Africa Application 2020

Occupational Care of South Africa Application 2020, OCSA transferred its business to MMI Health on 1 October 2015.  We want our clients to come on this exciting journey side by side with us as we create value throughout the total value chain toward financial wellness”.

It’s about the people:

With the OCSA touch – compassion, expertise and professionalism; we have managed thousands of people in the workplace to be “working-fit” in body and mind.

We believe that every person who holds a job, holds the key to the economic health of the nation.

It’s about business:

Through the OCSA 360° MIS (Management Information System), we have brought occupational healthcare and wellness issues into executive boardrooms using high level electronic reporting and analysis.

Ultimately, OCSA’s impact saves South African companies millions of Rand.

OCSA has the knowledge and flexibility to meet the challenges of the ever-changing demands of the healthcare sector.

OCSA celebrated 21 years of excellence in 2016

We have a reputation for building long-term relationships with our clients, earning their trust by helping them to create safe and healthy working environments. 

OCSA, the 360° workplace health solution

OCSA has a proven track record of:

  • Cost reduction
  • Early identification
    – saving companies millions.
  • Solutions inline with organisational objectives
    – The outcome for one of our clients was the introduction of a pensioner clinic which reduced high medical costs.
  • Impacting staff retention, company image and morale.
  • Risk assesment
    – Our process is designed to enable companies of every size to assess risk, cost effectively