Healthnicon Nursing College Requirements

Healthnicon Nursing College Requirements, all interested looking forward to gain admission into the should make sure he or she must meet the school requirements before applying.


Please note that Healthnicon will offer a Computer Literacy short course from May 2016 as a compulsory component of the Community Health Worker short course at all campuses. Applicants with proof of Computer Literacy (NQF Level 3/ grade 11) will be exempted from the computer literacy short course.

  • Grade  11 / 12
  • Currently registered with SANC as an Enrolled Nurse
  •  Community Health Worker/Home Based Care Certificate
  • Computer Literacy (NQF Level 3/ grade 11)

Contact your preferred campus to get your application forms – see contact us page for more information. At this stage we do not offer online application because of the documentation needed to register with authorities.

  • 2 x certified copies of Identity Document (ID)
  • 2 x certified copies of Senior Certificate
  • 2 x certified copies of marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • 2 x ID photos            
  • Proof of residence
  • Previous Nursing Certification (if applicable)
  • Proof of medical aid membership (if applicable)
  • Police clearance certificate

Additional requirements for foreign students:

  • 2x certified copies of highest School Qualification
  • 2x certified copies SAQA certificate
  • 2x certified copies Study permit
  • 2x certified copies of Passport copies 

 I don’t have Grade 12? Will I be able to study the Community Health Worker Course?

Minimum NQF level 3 (grade 11) will be able to apply for Community Health Worker course, but will not be able to advance to Auxiliary course (NQF level 5) even if the minimum requirement for (pass rate are) selection is achieved. However, there are other short courses that you are welcome to apply for to become better skilled as a Community Health Worker.

I have an ABET level 4 qualification, do I qualify for the Community Health Worker course?

According to the education evaluation systems of South Africa ABET Level 4 is the equivalent to Grade 9. Whereas you need a minimum of Grade 11 (NQF level 3) to study at our facility for the Community health worker course.

NQF level 4 = grade 12 (Matric) will ensure that you will be able to complete the Community Health Worker course as well as the formal nursing programs.

What do I need to study the Community Health Worker Course? 

Healthnicon’s per-requisite is to complete the CHW course prior to applying for any of the formal nursing programs. This is to ensure that the student understands the concepts in the formal nursing programs and is well orientated in the nursing industry. Also it allows the student to determine if the industry is to her liking before committing to formal program.