Ludumo Nursing School Application 2024

Ludumo Nursing School Application 2024, Ludumo Nursing School’s mission is to bring together a team of dedicated, experienced and appropriately qualified professional nurse educators who are committed to the training and development of new entrants to the nursing profession. 

To provide and maintain equipment, premises, and teaching materials that are current, relevant, appropriate to the needs of learners and aligned to the South African Qualification Authority registered qualifications offered and the standards laid down by the South African Nursing Council. 

To attain and maintain Registration and Accreditation by the Council of Higher Education and to apply the required standards of education, performance and Quality Assurance to the presentation and development of teaching programmes.

Their vision is to make Ludumo Nursing School the most sought after nursing school in the province of KwaZulu Natal by gaining the respect of our peers in the nursing profession and recognition by the relevant authorities as a centre of excellence for the education and training of caring and competent nurses.


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